Renaissance Overnight Facility

Overnight Facility

At the Renaissance Clinic, your recovery is taken just as seriously as the procedure you choose to undergo. This is why, we want to provide each of our patients with and incredibly comfortable environment where privacy and recovery are of utmost importance.

The Renaissance Overnight facility allows you to experience a relaxing space where you can know that you can rest and recover from your procedure.

As a plastic surgeon, I know I can entrust my patients into the safe hands of the staff at the overnight facility who are specially trained in the recovery of plastic surgery patients. The facility is also fully licensed and accredited, therefore, you’re guaranteed of a medically controlled environment.

Most of my patients overnight for a minimum of 1 night. However, many patients often request to spend additional nights in the facility after receiving the special care our nurses provide. Often patients initially request to be discharged on the day of their surgery due to their responsibility towards their family. However, I feel that a patient’s recovery from surgery can actually cause more stress to their husband or wife who already often take care of the children. Which is why I recommend spending more than one night in our care. You may not want to believe this, but your family can actually cope without you for a night or two.

“With reference to my stay at the Renaissance Clinic on the 14 May. I was feeling
terribly ill and faint after the procedure while Sister Sabine was taking care of me.
She was AMAZING! So patient, so kind and considerate. Sister Sabine’s presence
was so reassuring, allowing me to just relax and focus on feeling better.”
P.J.D, Renaissance Overnight Facility
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