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Muscle Relaxing Injections

Botox or muscle relaxing injections is a widely accepted and popular non-surgical procedure used to relax dynamic muscles to soften and reduce unwanted lines of aging. These injections therefore appeal to adults looking to attain a more youthful and relaxed appearance.

I have personally been using Muscle Relaxing Injections injections to reduce my lines and wrinkles for 20 years. My goal is not to create an expressionless face, but to achieve a refreshed relaxed look.

Facial wrinkles are mainly caused by dynamic facial expressions, so halting them temporarily reduces or even removes facial wrinkles over time. More than 25 years ago, scientists isolated a toxin from the bacterium Clostridia Botilinum, which causes muscle paralysis. This toxin, called Botox ,which is actually only a purified protein,  is now a mainstay of cosmetic surgery- used in very small amounts it temporarily reduces the strength of movement in certain muscles.

Over time, the skin that covers these muscles relaxes and, therefore the wrinkles disappear. Used correctly, the facial muscle activity can be reduced to improve facial lines and will never lead to total immobility of the face. A totally “frozen look” is due to poor patient selection and incorrect injecting technique.

The main objective of botox injections is to combat the signs of ageing, by smoothing over creases in the face. Common places to target crow’s feet, centre of the brows, and forehead.

Anyone who wants to be rid of wrinkles in the face and combat the signs of ageing. As with all cosmetic procedures, patient selection is probably the most important factor contributing to a successful outcome.

Muscle Relaxing Injections does however not replace surgery, skin resurfacing or soft tissue augmentation and the treating doctor should be trained to recognise when these alternative treatments are the correct chosen procedure for each individual patient.

The use of Muscle Relaxing Injections has successfully been used for treatment of dynamic lines of the upper face. The use has now, however been expanded to other areas of the face. The mid and lower face is a more challenging area due to the complex and highly functional nature of the muscles in this area. Improvements can be achieved in perioral rhytids (smoking lines), lip lengthening, “gummy smile”, drooping nasal tip,  labiomental creases (drooping mouth corners), and neck bands and chin softening.

If you suffer from excessive underarm sweating, you would also see remarkable results in improving this often embarrassing problem.

Muscle Relaxing Injections is an injection that causes paralysis of the muscle, whereas dermal fillers are products that restore volume and fill the the skin.
After your treatment and once you’ve made a full recovery, you can expect your face to have a smoother, more youthful appearance. You’ll also feel a boost in self-confidence, as if you’ve succeeded in peeling  years of age away from your skin.

The Muscle Relaxing Injections lasts between three and four months, after which it’s safe to book another appointment.

“People say ‘I love my wrinkles’. I don’t love my wrinkles – come on!” Brooke Shields

Years of experience has proven botox to be safe and effective. As with any procedure, there are certain complications that are possible. However, with a non-surgical treatment like botox, these are almost unheard of. But, it’s still important for you to do your own research before you making your decision.

Consider using this site for research purposes.

Typically, the adverse events are related to the injection technique of the practitioner, rather than the neurotoxin itself. As such, they are preventable with thorough knowledge of muscle anatomy and adequate training technique.

Injection site pain, oedema, bruising are general adverse effects associated with the physical act of intramuscular injection itself. Local diffusion (spreading) of the product can lead to ptosis (hanging of the eyelid) that needs to be treated with eye drops to reverse the effect of the botox. Total reversal could take 3 weeks.

A totally “frozen look” is due to poor patient selection and incorrect injection technique. Headaches which can last for around 24 hours have been cited as a side effect of botox therapy, although it may only be due to the act of the injection itself. Interestingly, botox has been shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic headaches.

Contraindications to botox use are: neuromuscular medical conditions, pregnant or lactating women, inflammatory skin conditions at injection sites, allergy to human serum albumin.  Additionally, patients on Disprin and Warfarin may experience excessive bruising.

Muscle Relaxing Injections

The Procedure

When you book an appointment with me, I’ll examine the skin on your face and the underlying tissue. This is done to determine whether or not you’re a suitable candidate.

If I don’t feel as though you can benefit from muscle relaxing injections wrinkle treatment, I may recommend a different procedure, such as fillers.

During your consultation, it’s vital to be honest about your medical history and overall expectations of the procedure. Then, once all your questions are answered, and you’re aware of the benefits and risks associated involved, you can book a date for the procedure.

If you’re receiving a Muscle Relaxing Injections treatment in your face, I use the following technique::

  • First you’ll be asked to contract  the muscles in your face in order  for me to mark  the areas that I will inject. The muscle relaxing injections is injected with a tiny needle in special units ( usually 2-5 units per site). Injections are carefully sited to be in areas of maximal contraction of a muscle. The forehead, for example, may typically receive between 5 and 10 injections.

There is a little swelling and redness at each injection site, this however disappears within 30 minutes.

You will only start to see the effects after 3 -5 days, so don’t have this procedure done too soon before a special occasion. Initially you may experience a slight feeling of “heaviness” as your muscles adapt to the injections. You will however only see the final effects after 2 weeks.

During your recuperation, you’re advised to avoid direct sunlight as this can damage the sensitive skin. You can expect to see some swelling, but this should subside within a few days.

Your recovery will be discussed in length with you during your consultation. But you can also consult my General Recovery page as a resource.

I use the most advanced methods and surgical techniques to achieve natural results. And, as one of the leading female plastic surgeons in the country, I have established myself as a leader in my field.

Take the first step towards self-love and contact my practice today to find out more about Muscle Relaxing Injections.

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful fillers and botox, I may add that, for the first time ever I do not have one bruise! I look fantastic and thank you so much.”
Y.L, Muscle Relaxing Injections
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