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Mommy Makeover

About Mommy Makeover

Motherhood is special time in many women’s lives, however often patients mention to me that they don’t recognize their bodies after they’ve given birth and they tend to lose their self confidence. The effects of the pregnancy and breastfeeding can sometimes be improved with diet and exercise, however more often than not, no matter how hard you try it is impossible to improve the effects of stretched skin around the tummy or tighten the sagging breast tissues without undergoing several surgical procedures.

By combining various surgical techniques, I can help you regain your pre-pregnancy body and, sometimes a better shape than what you had before your pregnancy.

The ideal patient is a mother who is not planning any further pregnancies and who wants to regain her pre-pregnancy body. If you were still planning more children, I would recommend that you delay your surgery, as a pregnancy would undo the favorable results achieved from a mommy makeover.

You may require one or multiple corrections to improve the after effects of having a child, including:

  • Sagging breasts due to volume loss after breast feeding
  • Expanded abdominal skin and separated tummy muscles
  • Unwanted fatty deposits around the thighs and love handles
  • Tired looking skin and eyes due to poor sleep
  • Stretched labia and vaginal tissues.
A Mommy Makeover includes a variety of procedures, namely:

You can therefore expect more perky, shapely breasts and a tighter tummy. Body sculpturing helps your clothes and swimwear fit better and your body and face will regain a more youthful appearance after undergoing a Mommy Makeover.

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” – Sophia Loren.

Mommy Makeover

The Procedure

During our initial meeting, the tissue of your chest is photographed and examined in order to make an informed decision of the best course of action. There are two options for a male breast reduction, one of which being liposuction of the affected area, which is usually effective.

However, if there is a large amount of excess tissue, the other option is more ideal, which involves trimming away all of the tissue and fat you want to be rid of.

It’s vital that you’re honest about your expectations of the surgery, so there’s no miscommunication. Moreover, you should inform me of any medical conditions you suffer from, medication you’re taking, and whether or not you’re a smoker. As all of these factors can impact whether or not I deem you fit to undergo this procedure.

You can expect to feel a significant amount of pain for a few days, which can be remedied with the prescription medication. Patients are reminded to keep the area as clean as possible as this can fight potential infection.

Most patients have reported being able to return to work within a few days of undergoing the procedure. However, exercise should be avoided for at least a week to avoid unnecessary strain on the area.

For more details on how best you can recuperate, please consult with my general recovery guide.

I have over 18 years worth of experience in cosmetic surgery and have received critical acclaim from my colleagues, peers and patients. Moreover, my team and I are renowned for our excellent pre and post operative care of our patients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand all of your needs and wants, and grant you with the opportunity to attain the shape you’ve always desired.

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“Wow you are a genius. You have made me a very happy lady and I am so grateful. Thank you for all the exceptional care you have given me and all the time and effort you have invested in my body. I feel so confident with my new smaller perkier breasts and tight tummy. I can’t wait for summer and my new bikini top without all the support holding up my heavy breasts. Thanks so much.”
C.W, Mommy Makeover
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