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Medical Facials

Medical facials are a great way for your skincare professional to get to know your skin before deciding on a more intensive course of treatments.

We also recommend maintenance facials between other treatments to keep the skin clean, fresh, hydrated and to delay the signs of ageing.

All skins and concerns will benefit from our tailor made medical facials. Each facial is tailor made and ingredients are carefully selected to ensure you get the best results from each treatment.
Your skin will immediately appear smoother and glow after each treatment. Regular treatments will target your specific concerns such as ageing and pigmentation for a more cosmetically pleasing appearance.

“ Ageing is a fact of life, looking your age is not.”

When your medical facial is performed by a reputable skincare professional the risks diminish significantly.

It is important to inform your skincare professional of any product allergies so certain ingredients can be avoided if necessary.

medical facials by Dr. Nerina Wilkinson

The Procedure

During your consultation your skin will be assessed in order to allow your skincare professional to customize your facial treatment to best target your specific concerns.

During your consultation it is vital to ensure your skincare professional if you are taking any medications that may make your skin photosensitive.

Each medical facial procedure will be different as our facials are tailor made to suit your skins needs. Medical facials involve the application of various products o the skin to clean, exfoliate and hydrate the skin cells.
After your treatment the skin will appear fresh, glowing and healthy. Medical facials are usually great before any big events. If your facial includes a lot of extractions the area may appear pink afterwards for an hour or two.
With numerous years of experience in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetics I’ve also made it my life’s mission to understand my patients needs. Additionally my team and I are well versed in how best to care for our patients and pride ourselves on our discretion.

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