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Eyebrow Lift

Drooping eyebrows are often one of the most noticeable sign of ageing.

Many people opt for a brow lift to achieve a youthful and fresh looking face or to correct drooping. And, the importance of having a dedicated and experienced team on your side, from consultation to recovery, is not something to be overlooked.

A sagging brow can be attributed to two things namely, it’s either, a result of maturity and loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin, or it’s hereditary. Anyone who experiences a drooping brow line can reap the rewards that results from undergoing a browplasty.
In some cases, drooping brows are so severe that they can obstruct your vision and undergoing a brow lift can be the only remedy to rectify this.

Often, patients may then require the combination of a browlift and a blepharoplasty. In patients with less severe sagging, often volumizing the forehead with fat injections can offer a subtle brow lift without creating a startled look that is often the consequence of a formal browlift.  Moreover, you’ll experience a boost in self confidence at the sight of your refreshed, more youthful looking visage.

“There are two ways to look younger, arch your eyebrows and find younger friends.”

Eyebrow Lift

The Procedure

When you first meet with me, I examine the skin of your brow to check for elasticity and firmness of the tissue. It’s also during this time that you’ll need to be honest with me about what your expectations are from the brow lift surgery as well as your medical history. Then, you’re taken through the options available to you as well as the benefits and risks associated with each.
The technique used for brow lift surgery is revolutionary, in that there are no scars that need to be covered. You’ll be placed under conscious sedation for the duration of the procedure, which revolves around two main steps, namely:

1. Incisions – Small lacerations are created around the brow area.

2. Reshaping – Long, internal sutures are used to raise and suspend the brow.

Often, brow lifts are done in conjunction with facelifts . So, if this was discussed with me during your consultation, it will be done during the reshaping. Often, patients require removal of upper eyelid skin (blepharoplasty) to achieve the best results.

Brow lifts usually take less time to complete than alternative methods of restoring a youthful appearance. Which means, your recovery time is drastically reduced and you can resume your everyday life within a few days. Bruising could however delay your recovery for a few more days.

For more information regarding the recovery period and how best to recuperate, consult my recovery page.

Me and my team are highly-skilled and are renowned for the compassion we show our patients.

If you are considering undergoing a brow lift, contact us today to book your consultation.

“Dear Dr Wilkinson , I love my new bright eyed look. Thank you to you, Anelda and Lorna, you make a fantastic team”
A.E, Eyebrow Lift
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