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Depigmentation (Cosmelan / Dermamelan)

Cosmelan and Dermamelan are considered the gold standard treatment for melasma and other pigmentation conditions worldwide.

Both Cosmelan and Dermamelan are made up of a powerful cocktail of ingredients, which work together to inhibit tyrosinase, the basic enzyme responsible for the production of excess pigment in the skin. The treatment consists of two parts, an in-clinic treatment followed by a homecare maintenance cream.
The most common type of pigmentations treated with Cosmelan and Dermamelan is melasma. Melasma is usually triggered by hormonal changes within the body and will show up as an even pattern often covering the cheeks, temples, forehead and top lip.
Sunspots can also be treated effectively as well as post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, usually seen after acne breakouts.
When a qualified skincare professional performs and guides you on the use of Cosmelan and Dermamelan the risks diminish significantly.
Cosmelan is usually indicated for lighter skin types and Dermamelan for darker skin types, therefore all skin types can be treated safely.

It is important to inform your skincare professional of any allergies to prevent the chance of reactions.

Although majority of patients show excellent results with Cosmelan and Dermamelan, results cannot be guaranteed as certain dermal pigmentation will don’t respond to the treatment.

The Procedure

Retinols and AHA’s should be avoided 7 days before the treatment.
Sun exposure should be avoided 2 weeks prior to the treatment.
All other cosmetic skin treatments should be stopped 2 weeks prior to Cosmelan and Dermamelan and should be avoided throughout the duration of your treatment unless otherwise advised by your skincare professional.
We usually recommend coming in for your treatment first thing in the morning. Part one of your treatment will be performed in the skin clinic. The skin will be cleansed and wiped with a degreasing solution. The Cosmelan or Dermamelan mask will be applied to the skin. The mask is applied in a thick layer and is brown in colour. You will then go home with the mask on. The mask will stay on for the next 8 to 10 hours depending on your type of pigmentation and skin colour. You will then wash the mask off at home and apply an anti inflammatory cream provided by your skincare professional. Once instructed you begin with part two, the Cosmelan or Dermamelan maintenance cream, you will be advised on the frequency and guided as you see results.
Usually the skin appears red and feels sunburnt for the first 2 days.
You will be given anti-inflammatories and painkillers to make the experience more comfortable
Flaking usually begins around day 3 and can proceed for up to one week.
Once flaking subsides you will already start to notice improvement of the pigmentation, for further improvement and maintenance you will begin with the homecare Cosmelan or Dermamelan.
Initially when using your maintenance creams the skin will feel sensitive, tight and may flake further, this usually subsides after about two weeks.
The mask should only be cleansed off the skin once the recommended time has elapsed
Your skincare professional will advise on a suitable anti-inflammatory moisturizer to support results and alleviate redness and flaking.
Direct sunlight should be avoided 7 days post procedure, if outdoors it is advised to wear your prescribed sunscreen, wide brimmed hat and soft scarf
A SPF 50 should be applied in the morning and reapplied every 2 hours post procedure.
Make-up can be applied the following day.
Retinols and exfoliating products should be avoided for the duration of the treatment.
Flaking skin should not be picked and scratched.
It is advised to avoid vigorous exercise for 2 days post treatment.
The application of the mask will take only 30mins, we recommend staying home for the rest of the day, as the mask must remain on the skin for 8 to 10 hours.
The mask application is usually once off but may be repeated 4-6weeks later if necessary.
It is important to continue with the homecare for at least 6 months following the treatment, this is known as the stabilization phase. Some forms of pigmentation will need to continue Cosmelan or Dermamelan homecare indefinitely to prevent pigmentation from resurfacing.
Sunscreen should always be worn to prevent pigmentation from resurfacing.
Results can usually be seen as early as 1 week post treatment, pigment will continue to lift and lighten and best results are usually observed about 4 weeks into the treatment. The skin will appear even, luminous and healthy.
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