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co2 Fractional Laser treatment

Every person’s skin is unique by design and tells a story of where you have been. As it can easily deteriorate from stress, sunlight, pollution and other external factors, causing wrinkles, blemishes and other unsightly features, those looking to rectify this now have a solution.

CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment is a surgical Carbon Dioxide laser that essentially speeds up your skin’s healing process by removing old and tired cells by means of a laser. This leaves the targeted area of skin feeling tighter and looking rejuvenated.

This treatment is ideal for those who feel their appearance looks tired. From fine lines, crow’s feet, irregular pigmentation due to age spots or even old acne scars, it’s the preferred solution for people wanting to hypothetically slow down the ageing process.

Essentially, the upper layers of the skin are vaporized, removing the superficial skin layers. This direct photothermal effect therefore removes the dull  upper layers of the skin and stimulates new collagen.

It is a fairly severe procedure with 7 days downtime required afterwards, and therefore patients with advanced sun damage would benefit from the treatment. CO2RE is also indicated for patients looking for a once off treatment to improve their skin rather than multiple less invasive skin rejuvenating treatments.

The benefits of CO2RE treatment includes significantly smoother skin appearance, improved tone and texture, evening out wrinkles and reducing the severity of acne scarring. The procedure rarely lasts longer than 60 minutes, However the downtime can be prolonged for between 7-10 days, depending on your skin’s healing capacity.

“You have to be happy in your own skin” – Jada Pinkett-Smith

CO2RE results in removing the upper layers of the skin resulting in a controlled “burn” wound of the face. Therefore, recovery time is of importance and it is essential  to understand the risks. These include possible burns, scarring and pigment changes of the face. All these complications are correctable, although the process needed to reverse pigmentary changes or pigmented scars may be complex. In patients with darker skin types these risks are increased. Most of these risks can however be prevent with specialized pre and post treatment medications which support healthy healing during the recovery process.

A herpes cold sore outbreak is possible in those carrying the virus (please remember to inform me if you have a history of cold sores during our consultation). Any history of delayed wound healing or keloid formation is also important.

However, as a trained professional, with years of experience and, errors are significantly minimised. All of these possibilities will be discussed during your consultations.

co2 Fractional Laser treatment

The Procedure

During your consultation, we will discuss your objectives for this procedure. This is also the ideal opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding CO2RE Laser Treatment. Once we have your goals in mind, I will examine your targeted area to see if this procedure will meet your objectives.

It’s also imperative that you’re honest with me regarding your medical history, skin conditions you may have, and chronic medication you’re taking. As these factors can impact on whether or not you are medically fit to undergo the treatment.

Following approval, you can make your appointment.

Laser resurfacing is painful. I therefore use a combination of local anaesthetic as well as a small dose of intravenous sedation. Once the topical cream has taken effect and the area is numb, you’re given protective eyewear for the duration of the procedure which must not be removed until the session is over.

The CO2RE Laser is applied to your targeted area by bursts of beams from the unit. Due to the local anaesthetic you will not feel any discomfort, however you will be aware of movement.

After the procedure, a healing moisturising cream is applied to relieve the heat felt on the skin and speed up the healing process.The face will become red and swollen and will remain that way for about 5 days. During this time, you should expect to feel some tenderness in the skin of the face. To prevent excessive swelling, you will be encouraged to sleep with your head elevated, use ice packs and continue with lymphatic massage.

The skin will become weepy and should be kept clean. Protective skin creams should be applied at regular intervals during your recovery to encourage healing of the skin.

Approximately one week must be spent indoors, with several trips to my office to check on your progress. Many patients can leave the house after a week, with concealer makeup and sunblock on. Return to work is possible after around 7 to 10 days, it is however important not to have unnecessary sun exposure for 3 months.

It takes up to 6 weeks for the face to feel normal, and redness can take up to 3 months to clear. The effect of a smoother healthy skin is apparent after a few weeks and can last for a few years.

If you do have any questions, you can consult our general recovery page. However, if you are concerned about anything during your recovery, please contact the practice as soon as possible.

With over a decade of experience in the operating room as a plastic surgeon, I’m not only qualified in the field, but I also understand the needs of my patients. I hand select equally compassionate and reputable people to be part of my team to ensure a thorough and discreet service that benefits my patients physical, emotional and psychological needs.
“Every day I look in the mirror, I can’t believe that this new skin in mine! I reached a point in my life where I thought that I would have to live with the consequences of the severe sun damage I have caused myself through years of surfing. Not only have you given me new skin Nerina, you have actually given me a new life.”
L.S, CO2 Laser Resurfacing Treatment
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