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Chemical Peel

Having insecurities about blemishes, wrinkles or other imperfections on your face can be taxing on your self confidence. As your visage, neck and hands are some of your most prominent features, hiding behind a mask of products is not only expensive but also time consuming and not a long term solution.

Chemical peels improve the texture of your skin through a process of controlled injury which results in regenerated tissue that is firmer and smoother. There are three types of peels available, namely; a superficial, medium and deep peel and the variation used is dependant on the depth of your scarring or wrinkles.

Patients with imperfections on their face, neck or hands can benefit greatly from this procedure. Wrinkled, sun damaged or sagging skin can also be rectified through this treatment. I can even apply a chemical peel for acne scars that have caused deep pock marks.
Once the rejuvenated skin surfaces, patients can expect the area to feel smoother and firmer. Depending on the chemical peel procedure you undergo, you could be expected to take medication before the peel to prevent viral infections. And, if you have a tendency towards pigmentation you will receive creams to pretreat your skin to prevent complications.

After your procedure, wrinkles are less prominent or obliterated and any scars can appear to be either lighter, not as deep or completely gone, resulting in a smoother finish.

“Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment.”

Risks include potential scarring, infection, swelling around the eyes (for face procedures) and pigmentation.
Chemical Peel

The Procedure

When we meet, I will evaluate your selected area first to determine which chemical peel procedure to implement for maximum effect.
Each chemical peel, regardless of the type you’re having involves cleaning the skin before hand. Next, the specific chemical is applied to the area and left on for a recommended time, which is dependant on the type of peel you’re having. During this time you can experience some discomfort or burning. After the specified amount of time, depending on your desired results, the chemical is neutralised and wiped clean.

For those having medium to deep peels, oral sedatives and analgesics are administered during application to relieve pain.

Patients will need to clean the area frequently and thoroughly either with water or a provided, customised solution, depending on the area and the type of peel received. This not only ensures a speedy recovery but also prevents infection and changes in the skin colour. You can also expect to regularly apply a neutral, non-perfumed moisturising cream on a daily basis.

After any chemical peel, you can expect your skin to be sensitive to sunlight for up to two weeks. An over-the-counter sunscreen with a high UV factor should suffice, but patients are requested to clear it with myself first.

For more information on how best to recuperate, please consult my general recovery page.

With over a decade of experience in the operating room as a plastic surgeon, I’m not only qualified in the field, but I also understand the needs of my patients. I hand select equally compassionate and reputable people to be part of my team to ensure a thorough and discreet service that benefits my patients physical, emotional and psychological needs.
“Thank you to the wonderful ladies at your skin clinic. I have always suffered from problem skin. They have over the last few months advised me on the correct skin care and through their dedicated treatments I am now proud to show my skin without wearing too much makeup.“
M.A, Chemical Peel
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