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Buttocks Augmentation

A buttocks augmentation is tailored to your individual needs and specifications. This surgery is performed by removing unwanted fat from other areas of the body, and carefully injecting it into selected areas, to produce your desired results.

Those who are in good physical and mental health are ideal candidates for this procedure as both of these attributes serve well during recovery. Aside from that if you’re unhappy with the shape and size of your rear, consider a buttock augmentation procedure.

Because, no one should feel helpless when it comes to having their bodies crafted to their idea of perfection.

After you’ve had this procedure done, you can expect to feel like a different person. Especially if the size and shape of your buttock has been the cause for your lack of self esteem.

Overall, the physical difference in the aesthetic of your buttocks will be noticeable to you. But everyone around you will notice a change in your demeanour, and that’s worth more than we like to believe.

Any surgery, cosmetic or surgical,all carry their own risks. And, even though these incidents are rare, it’s important to be aware of them. I recommend that you conduct your own research into your chosen procedure. Smokers will be advised to quit for at least a month before going under the knife.Then, during your consultations, I’m able to elaborate on your findings, answer your questions and go through any complications that can occur. This way, you have a comprehensive and professional understanding of the procedure at hand.
Buttocks Augmentation

The Procedure

I need to ensure that you’re fully prepped, both mentally and physically. That’s why, more than one consultation is required by all patients, regardless of their procedure.

During your consultations, I’ll test your buttock skin for elasticity, and investigate your underlying tissue and muscle structure. Additionally, your expectations of the surgery are discussed along with your medical history and medications, to ensure that we’re both on the same page.

Once you and I have agreed upon your ideal shape, your next step is to book a date to have your procedure.

This surgery itself is performed under general anaesthetic and involves:

  • Harvesting – Using liposuction, unwanted fat is taken from areas of your body like the thighs and stomach. This minimises the chances of your body rejecting the fat. It’s also a less invasive option than having implants done, which prolongs the recovery time as well.
  • Injecting – Using a fine-gauge needle, the fat is inserted into your buttocks through a small incision and I sculpt the area according to your ideal shape.
For the duration of your recovery, patients are advised to refrain from smoking as it slows your body’s natural healing process. Additionally, you should avoid any strenuous activity. The standard buttock augmentation recovery time is about six weeks.

For more information on how best you can recuperate, consult my General Recovery page.

I’m known for my compassion towards my patients and I exercise the utmost discretion when it comes to you and your chosen procedure. With 18 years of experience in plastic surgery I’m more than capable of handling any queries or concerns you may have about buttock augmentation.

Book your consultation with me today for a buttock augmentation and don’t hesitate to contact the practice for more information.

“Dear Nerina, I absolutely love my new “ Kim Kardashian “ buttocks! My husband loves them even more. You and your team are fantastic. Love you all.“
J.H, Buttocks Augmentation
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