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Intimate health and rejuvenation is an exciting field in woman’s health and vaginal aesthetics. As a female plastic surgeon I have more than 20 years experience in genital aesthetic surgery. Over the past few years there has however been revolutionary advances in non-surgical procedures to stimulate optimal sexual rejuvenation through genital tissue remodeling. Resulting in improved function and aesthetics. My very exclusive private plastic surgery and aesthetic practice is the perfect environment where women can feel comfortable during these intimate treatments.

My team of doctors and nurses are all females and can assist you in a friendly and relaxed environment during your Intimate Wellness treatments. Cosmetic intimal procedures are about feeling comfortable and confident. These are procedures you will do for yourself, as mostly they are not visible like other cosmetic procedures. Many patients consider intimate procedures for either physical comfort or to regain confidence in their intimate wellness.

To feel more confident, you may want to Improve the aesthetic appearance of external genitalia. Innovative regenerative medicine can improve and increase sexual sensation and vaginal function in most females with normal sexual history. Natural childbirth and aging however can result in loss of vaginal tone. Over time, the vaginal wall, which contains collagen fibres, can stretch and lose tissue tone and elasticity. Loss of sensation, reduced 0estrogen levels and lax tissues can result in leaking urine when sneezing or coughing. Painful intercourse, itching or burning in the genital area can occur as we age. Reduced levels of oestrogen can lead to a loss of vaginal lubrication. In these patients often, intimate wellness treatments can be life changing by reducing the personal stress they experience with these symptoms.
Intimate Wellness treatments can enhance the appearance of your genital area and your self-confidence, but it won’t necessarily match your ideal, or cause other people to treat you differently. Before you decide to proceed, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with one of our expert doctors. The best candidates are healthy, emotionally-stable women who are realistic about what the treatments can accomplish. I stress that patients who have realistic expectations are generally happy with the results. Additionally, the procedure can assist with improving your sexual health.
  • O-Shot™= PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections in the concern areas
  • Labia Majora augmentation: plumping with your own harvested fat or use of synthetic fillers
  • G-Shot
  • Muscle Relaxing Injections: Vaginismus
  • CO2RE Laser: Vulvar bleaching
  • CO2RE Laser: Vulvar tightening
  • CO2RE Laser: Vaginal rejuvenation.
  • CO2RE Laser: for urinary stress incontinence
  • Labiaplasty (see surgical labiaplasty)

Intimate Wellness Treatments

Childbirth, menopause and the natural aging process can affect sexual wellness. Loss of sensation and thinning of the vaginal mucosa can result in decreased sexual enjoyment and functional issues including dryness and urinary stress incontinence. One of the new exciting treatments in “intimate wellness” is the use of PRP (platelet rich plasma and or Nano fat injections.  Scientifically proven to enhance facial rejuvenation (Vampire Lift), PRP treatments and Nano fat can be injected as a “Vaginal Facelift”

Patients in my practice have reported:

  • Increased sexual sensitivity
  • Rejuvenated vaginal tissues: smoother and increased natural lubrication
  • More frequent and stronger orgasms
  • Decreased urinary incontinence
  • Improvement in dyspareunia (painful intercourse)


The O shot is a treatment to improve intimate wellness in healthy patients. These results can however be affected by associated medical and gynecological/ hormonal conditions. These conditions should be referred to a gynecologist.

How does the O-Shot work?


  • PRP O-Shot:
    1. The PRP is rich in growth factors, which naturally rejuvenate the vaginal tissues to enhance sexual pleasure and function.
    2. A small amount of blood is taken and processed in the revolutionary Dr PRP system. The serum, which is rich in platelets, is injected with tiny needles into the vaginal mucosa and the tissues surrounding the clitoris. These platelets release specific cell regenerating growth factors. To use a gardening metaphor: to recover a struggling plant one needs to add more water and fertilizer in the ground. Platelets are like fertilizer and their growth factors which they release will stimulate some stem cells and increase local blood flow to enhance healthier vaginal tissues.
    3. The advantage of the PRP O-Shot™ is that the procedure is a non-surgical treatment that requires 40 minutes in the rooms with no downtime.
    4. This treatment can be combined with Intima laser treatment for maximum rejuvenation.


  • Nano Fat Regenerative O-Shot:
  1. Regenerative medicine is more advanced than PRP injections. This procedure requires surgical harvesting of Fat Cells, which are extremely rich in Stem Cells.
  2. If PRP is like adding water and fertilizer to a plant, Stem Cell injections can be compared to planting new seeds and hiring a gardener to nourish the seeds.
  3. Stem Cells can differentiate into a variety of new cells that have been lost (i.e. the seeds) and they also coordinate the repair response (i.e. gardener)
  4. After harvesting the fat cells from the abdomen or inner thighs the Nano fat is prepared through a delicate process to create a refined fat rich in stimulating Stem Cells.
  5. This is therefore a minimally invasive surgical procedure with associated down time. However, the regenerative advantages play an important role the future of rejuvenation treatments.
  6. Nano fat regenerative O shot procedures can be combined with laser surgical labiaplasty, labia Majora augmentation with fat grafting, PRP injections or Intima Laser vaginal rejuvenation.
Many women today are seeking labia Majora augmentation. They want to improve the contours of their labia by increasing the size, enhancing the shape and improving firmness. Similar to improving volume in the face, which results in a “liquid facelift”, we are now able to rejuvenate the labia Majora by adding volume. Labia Majora augmentation can be combined with other intimate procedures. The volume can be increased by either injecting cosmetic filler (Juvederm Voluma) or fat transfer. 

  1. Fat Grafting: Fat has the advantages of being natural and more permanent: for more details see Nano fat regenerative O-Shot™
  2. Cosmetic Fillers: Hyaluronic Acid cosmetic fillers are used in most cases. I use a product “Juvederm Voluma”. Even though HA fillers are temporary they are quick and easy.
The G-Shot amplification is a non-surgical procedure where the Grafenberg spot is augmented or enlarged to improve normal sexual arousal. The G-Spot is a collection of erectile tissue similar to the corpus cavernosa in the male penis. During sexual arousal the G-Spot enlarges and therefore sensitivity increases with intercourse. Like the enhancement of lips, hyaluronic Acid cosmetic filler is injected into the G-Spot to enhance the size and therefore resulting in increased sensitivity.  Hyaluronic acid attracts water and therefore stimulates swelling and moisturizes the area.

  • The G shot is a quick procedure in the rooms (± 30 minutes).
  • Patients who undergo the G shot report enhanced sexual arousal and gratification.
  • The effects last up to 12 months.
Sexual contact is one of the most natural experiences that women can have. However, when overcome by extreme pain with penetration, they often fear having intercourse with their loved ones. This condition known as Vaginismus can result in women totally withdrawing from any sexual contact and in the process developing relationship problems. 

The cause of the pain often has no physical abnormality. However, the severe contraction of the vaginal muscles can be so strong as to prevent any penetration. A virtuous cycle develops when a woman fears the painful penetration and therefore the muscles contract even more. 

Botox therefore works by relaxing these spastic vaginal muscles. The Botox is injected under local anesthetic in 3 separate areas of the vaginal circumference. In my experience, I often find that even though the effect of Botox only lasts for 4 months, one treatment is usually required.  Due to the relaxing effect of the Botox on the muscle spasm, penetration is more comfortable. The initial fear of painful intercourse is therefore decreased over a period of time. Once the patients don’t fear penetration, the virtuous cycle is broken.  This treatment is shown to be successful in 90 % of patients. 

If you suffer from painful sex that is destroying your relationship, then a simple Botox injection could save your intimate life.

I have recently introduced this new in-demand women’s intimate wellness treatment into my practice. With years of experience in aesthetic genital plastic surgery, the CO2RE intima laser has added advanced technology to enhance my patient’s results and outcomes without using conventional oral hormones. CO2 laser treatment remains the gold standard for tissue rejuvenation in facial aesthetics, and is used for vaginal tightening as well as vaginal bleaching.

How does CO2RE Intima Laser improve intimate symptoms?

With CO2RE Intima Laser we can now improve vaginal aging symptoms without medication or surgery. By treating vulvo-vaginal atrophy, the CO2RE Intima Laser rejuvenates the vagina. Women are therefore able to regain their intimate wellness in a painless, non-surgical treatment. Clinical results show an average shrinkage of 17% in the vaginal canal after a single Intima Laser treatment. In 95% of cases patients report a noticeable difference, and most women who had the procedure done said that they felt more intense sensation, improved lubrication and deeper orgasms. Improvements continue for up to 4 weeks after the procedure. 

What is the CO2RE Intima Laser treatment?

The laser is a simple nonsurgical procedure which is quick, comfortable and performed in the office. Gentle laser energy is delivered to the vaginal wall. Hundreds of tiny pillars of Laser energy stimulate the natural regeneration of the vaginal tissue. This results in remodeling of the tissue fibers, stimulating a healing response. The laser restores the flexibility and shape of the vaginal wall, leading to improved stimulation and enhanced moisture levels in the vaginal canal. An external probe is used to improve the quality and color of the external skin as well as the introitus. 

How long does a treatment last?

A series of up to 3 treatments are typically done in the privacy of my rooms. These sessions are monthly.

The treatment lasts about 30 minutes. A once a year treatment is recommended to maintain symptomatic relief. 

Does the CO2RE Intima Laser treatment hurt?

The treatment is painless. Some patients may report a mild discomfort with the laser hand piece tip insertion during the procedure due to vaginal dryness. 

Pre-Treatment preparations:

It is important to have a routine pap smear at least 3 months prior to your treatment. Today most gynecologists perform a routine pelvic ultrasound at the time of your pap smear. All patients will be treated prophylactically to prevent eruption of Herpes Zoster Infection. 

How soon can you expect results?

Many patients have reported that they experience results within the first few weeks. Virtually all patients experience relief of symptoms after the first treatment. The full effect however will be experienced after 3 months following the 3rd treatment. 

Is it safe?

Treatments are safe and effective, with mild to no discomfort and very little downtime. 

Are there any contraindications?

If you have any active genital infections, then this procedure is not indicated, and you should seek advice from your gynecologist. Your gynecologist should also manage other gynecological conditions including bleeding, tumors or pregnancy.

As a plastic surgeon my expertise and passion is the aesthetic treatment of my patients. Any medical gynecological treatment will be referred to a gynecologist and I encourage all my patients to see their own gynecologist for their yearly checkups to ensure optimal intimate health.

What patients are saying?

“I found that the dryness and itching I was experiencing completely disappeared” 

“I sometimes had trouble with leaking urine, I noticed an improvement in my ability to retain urine after the first treatment and it improved even more after the second treatment” 

“I highly recommend this treatment. It was very easy to undergo and very tolerable. I noticed increased lubrication and a feeling of tighter”

The Procedure

Intimate Wellness treatments are normally safe when performed by qualified aesthetic doctors. Nevertheless, as with any treatments, there is always a possibility of complications, including bruising and/or infection. You can reduce your risks by closely following Dr Wilkinson’s advice both before and after treatment.

It’s important to conduct your own research into the treatments and what they entail before your initial consultation. This way, you can prepare questions for me to ensure you receive all the advice you need. After your examination and based on your medical history, medication and overall health, we can decide which treatments are suitable for you. In your initial consultation, it’s important to discuss your expectations frankly, and to listen to my opinion. I will discuss the variables that may affect the treatments: such as your age, medical illnesses and social habits. I will describe the treatments in detail, explaining their risks and limitations. When you make the decision to proceed with treatment you will receive documentation from my assistant to help prepare you for your treatments both before and after.
  • Schedule and complete any pre-operative tests requested.
  • You should have a recent Pap Smear and vaginal examination by your gynaecologist prior to treatment.
  • Stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatories, herbal medicine, diet pills, etc. (2 weeks before).
  • Hair should be shaved in the treatment area the day prior to the procedure.
  • The hair should not be waxed or chemically removed.
  • Start taking medication prescribed by me 2 days prior to treatment to prevent outbreak of Herpes Zoster.
Ensure that you are comfortable and understand the treatments to be performed. You should be clear on the outcome, duration of recovery, side effects and risks. If not ask!
Take normal daily medication e.g. blood pressure, diabetic, anti-depressants. Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes with easy to slip on flat shoes.
  • After the treatment you may apply a water based lubricant or Eucarin Aquaphor.
  • Gently cleanse the area with mild cleanser and water twice per day.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse or anything placed into the vagina for 7 days.
  • Don’t use tampons for 7 days.
  • No tub baths, Jacuzzis, or swimming until skin is completely healed.

NB: Failure to adhere to these instructions may lead to complications and jeopardize the results of your treatment.

My team and I have all the expertise required to complete Intimate Wellness treatments in Cape Town with maximum effect. As a team of female clinicians, you can count on us to broach the subject of your treatments with an understanding and insight that only a woman can provide.
Your satisfaction with Intimate Wellness treatments is likely to be greater if you understand them thoroughly and if your expectations are realistic. The important thing is how you feel about it. If you’ve met your goals, then your treatments are a success.
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