A step-by-step guide to planning cosmetic enhancement through plastic-surgery.co.za

Let us walk you through the steps of planning this exciting journey towards a renewed you…

You are most probably already aware of which part/s of your face / body you wish to enhance or alter through plastic surgery. Check through Dr. Wilkinson's web site to learn more about the different procedures available to individuals undergoing plastic surgery in Cape Town, South Africa and find out what is involved.

Decide on the dates you wish to travel to South Africa, keeping in mind the need for recovery and some extra time for a post-recovery holiday / safari!

Complete and return the easy enquiry form, telling us what procedure/s you are interested in and providing us with contact details and any information you may feel is pertinent to your personal situation.

Contact Dr. Wilkinson's staff directly to discuss general rates for the various procedures. When comparing rates between surgeons always find out what is included for accuracy. If you have any questions meanwhile, feel free to email us.

Dr. Wilkinson will require you to send through photographs and a full medical history to assist her in deciding the best plan for your procedure. Once she has accepted you as a patient they will arrange a teleconference between the two of you. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need concerning the procedure. Be prepared for Dr. Nerina Wilkinson to discuss possible alternatives with you.

You will be sent a tailor-made quote for your surgery at this point, and your surgery date will be confirmed. When you are 100% happy with the details you will be required to pay a deposit to confirm the booking with Dr. Wilkinson and the affiliated clinic. Check when the balance of payment needs to be paid by so you can plan your finances in advance.

Make the necessary practical arrangements: buy airplane tickets, book time off work, make family plans regarding who will look after the house / children /pets etc.

Our staff can help you work out your itinerary, book your accommodation and plan your holiday according to the dates of your arrival and departure, and your anticipated surgery recovery time. Take into consideration airport transfers and self-drive car hire (if possible at any point in your stay).

Start packing! Remember reading material and good sun block.

If you have any questions and concerns or need any assistance in the planning phase of your trip please feel free to contact us.

We are excited to be taking this journey with you!