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Our Team

At Renaissance Body Science Institute, the team of highly trained and specialist surgeons take it upon themselves to deliver comprehensive and effective surgeries.
This includes consultations, procedures and your recovery periods. As both your physical and mental well-being are taken into account, you can rest assured that you’re in expert hands.

Medical Team


As a clinical and surgical assistant with 20 years of experience, Lorna fields questions regarding surgical procedures and provides excellent postoperative care. This highly trained specialist serves as my right hand when it comes to caring for you, both before, during, and after your procedure is complete.

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Dr Serena Cordosa

Dr Serena Cordosa is a General Practitioner with a special interest in non-surgical aesthetic medicine and family medicine.

I have personally trained her in the intricate details of my “secrets” in the aesthetic treatment of the face. As a team we evaluate each patient and specifically design an individual treatment plan for our patients.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health from The University of the Witwatersrand and a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Wits Medical School. Serena is a diplomat member of the College of Emergency Medicine of South Africa and teaches third year medical students at the University of Cape Town in the department of Family Medicine.

“I come from a family of strong woman who encouraged me from a young age to be graceful, elegant and confident. They taught me to care for my work, my health, my independence and my appearance as a means of commanding the right kind of attention and praise, people can tell when you have it together both inside and out. Aesthetic Medicine is not a superficial practice, it promotes confidence, it helps women feel more beautiful in their own skin, and it encourages creativity and joy. I believe that if you love yourself, you can better love others.
Besides, is it really necessary to frown?” – Dr Dr Serena Cordosa.

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Administrative Team


The practice manager and front office coordinator. She assists in making appointments and answering questions about the practice itself and the procedures on offer. Since she works closely with the surgeons, she has thorough knowledge on how much time is needed for recovery. She also takes into account what procedures you are having done and will be there to support you through the Journey.

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Practice receptionist:
Megan welcomes you in person or on the telephone.
She serves all my patients, assisting you in scheduling your appointments. We understand that this can sometimes be an anxious moment and she therefore helps to comfort you and feel secure by answering all your questions or referring them to the relevant team member. Megan understands how important it is to optimize my and my patient’s time. She therefore takes time to understand your requirements and assists in booking the correct consultation and procedure.

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Professional Care

As a female plastic and reconstructive surgeon I am passionate about cosmetic surgery and therefore I have chosen a team that follows this passion. Not only will you be receiving surgery in one the leading cosmetic surgery institutes in the country, but you’ll also be in the hands of people who understand your needs. The staff at Renaissance Body Science Institute view discretion very seriously, and take into account the sensitivity of these procedures. Extra care is always provided to ensure that you are comfortable, safe and relaxed.

Anaesthtic Team

Our surgery is always performed in conjunction with a personally tailored anaesthetic. Depending on your choice of procedure, this will vary from light sedation to a full general anaesthetic. All of our procedures are performed with local anaesthetic cream or injections so as to numb the surgical area and ensure that you are comfortable after surgery.

Smaller procedures may only require conscious sedation whereby you will be closely monitored but completely relaxed and comfortable. Medicine will be given to you intravenously or in tablet form and this enables you to sleep lightly but then feel refreshed and pain free afterwards, with minimal recollection or side effects.

With some procedures deep sedation or a general anaesthetic may be necessary. In these cases an Anaesthesiologist will be present in order to provide you with a safe and state of the art anaesthetic. Deep sedation allows you to be unaware, pain free and comfortable, whilst breathing on your own and still being rousable. General Anaesthesia allows us to perform more complicated or longer surgeries whilst you remain asleep and monitored. Your recovery may be slightly longer after surgery as more potent or higher doses
of drugs may be needed to maintain your level of comfort during surgery. You will often be encouraged to stay overnight to recuperate in the pampering comfort of the Renaissance facility after general anaesthesia.

Our anaesthesiologists will contact you directly before your surgery. Please ensure that you discuss any medical conditions, allergies, medications or specific concerns with the Anaesthesiologist, as well as the guidelines for fasting before surgery.

Our anaesthesiologists are specialist doctors who join our ALL female team in creating a surgical experience that is professional, discreet and exclusively personal, so as to prepare you for a beautiful recovery!

Dr Sue Gardiner

I qualified in medicine in 1985 and after my internship spent a few years working in general medicine.
After relocating to Cape Town, I joined the anaesthetic department at UCT and qualified in1995. I subsequently spent 6 years at GSH , honing my skills in all areas of anaesthesia including 3 years as a specialist in an intensive care unit.

I joined Southern Anaethetic associates in 2002. My interests are varied and include anaesthesia for plastic surgery, including conscious sedation, as well as vascular, and spine surgery. I also have an interest in obstetrics and Gynaecology.

I love working with the wonderful skilled team of doctors and nurses at Rennaissance and feel privileged to help people achieve their best selves in a comfortable and safe environment.

Dr Caroline Corbett

I am a specialist anaesthetist who graduated as a medical doctor at WITS University in Johannesburg and then moved to Cape Town as a post graduate physician. I completed my Anaesthesia specialization in Johannesburg,. As a consultant I was actively involved in Advanced Airway Management, Paediatric Anaesthesia and Trauma.

I moved into private practice in 2010 and developed special interests in Ambulatory Anaesthesia and Cosmetic Procedural Sedation, whilst maintaining a strong affinity for Paediatric Anaesthesia. In 2014, I returned to Cape Town, where I am an associate at Cape Anaesthetics Incorporated.

Working as part of the all female team with Nerina Wilkinson is definitely a highlight of my week! Procedural sedation and Anaesthesia for cosmetic surgery demands finesse and significant attention to detail from a truly unique perspective. I don’t have a specifically favorite procedure – for me the reward is in seeing each patient’s individual expectations being achieved through the exquisite artistry of each surgery. Patients often plan their procedure for months and really look forward to it, something we don’t often see in preoperative patients!

Dr Rose Mulder

I completed my undergraduate degree and postgraduate fellowship in anesthesia at UCT. I obtained my MBChB degree with honors (1998); the South African Society of Anesthetists’ Medal in the Diploma of Anesthetics (2001); the Medal for Clinical Excellence for the Fellowship of Anesthesia (2006) and Registrar Trainee of the Year (2006). I consulted at Groote Schuur Hospital as a senior specialist after completing my FCA. I particularly enjoyed my role as the convener for the undergraduate anaesthetic course.
I enjoy providing an anaesthetic service for all types of surgery and have a passion for continuing medical education .I continues to be involved in formal lectures and informal on-the-job training in the private sector. I pride myself in my work ethic, and aim to deliver a professional and pleasant anaesthetic experience to each patient.

In Good Hands

Renaissance Body Science Institute is home to some of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons and staff in South Africa.
When you book your procedure, you can be confident in knowing that you’re in capable and compassionate hands.

Contact us today and book your appointment with me and my team.

“I am writing to you with the hope that you will share this with Anelda and the team who took care of me on the 1 st floor on Monday, specifically the nurse. I have had 2 operations in my life – neither elective. At moments, this surgery seemed not only daft but very vain. I found myself terrified and excited at precisely the same time.

The staff of the Renaissance BSI, are exemplary. From Anelda accommodating me without leaving me feeling like a nuisance, to the nurse sharing her own surgical experiences to put my mind at ease and answering my many questions, no matter how tedious. To say that surgery was a pleasant experience may not make sense but dealing with Renaissance BSI has been an absolute pleasure.

We are very quick to complain in South Africa but not so quick to praise. I would like to extend praise and a heartfelt thank you to all at the Renaissance for making my treatment & care such a positive experience.”

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