Medical Tourism SA is a company that has risen to the challenge of assisting clients who wish to visit South Africa for cosmetic surgery with all their travel, accommodation, and tourism needs. Whilst Renaissance manages the medical side of your treatment, Medical Tourism SA is on hand to ensure that all other aspects of your visit come together to make for a successful, fulfilling, and rejuvenating medical holiday.
With years of experience in the local hospitality industry, and a well-established familiarity with the needs of a wide range of international clients, Medical Tourism SA is able to take the stress out of planning your visit to South Africa by handling all travel and transport arrangements, booking different types of accommodation (from self-catering cottages to luxury hotels), and organising tourist activities from safaris and tours to a variety of natural and man-made attractions, as well as providing continuous assistance and support whilst you are in the country. If it’s an all-inclusive travel package you’re looking for, or just assistance with one aspect of your visit (such as accommodation or airport transfer), Medical Tourism SA is available to arrange it for you at the best possible rates.
Medical Tourism SA enjoys the benefit of an extensive database of accommodation options, built up through the strong network of professional relationships that the company has established over the years. This allows them to source the very best accommodation options for your needs, with excellent service and at the most affordable prices. Whilst based in Cape Town, Medical Tourism SA is also able to assist with your travel needs in Johannesburg.

Some of the main advantages that Medical Tourism SA has to offer include:
Cost – Long-standing relationships with a range of hotels and guesthouses allow for the negotiation of low rates and great deals – some properties are even owned and run by Medical Tourism SA.
In-house translators – Medical Tourism SA recognises that the language barrier can be a problematic one, especially for foreign visitors to Cape Town. Translators are therefore available to assist you in this area, making sure that you can be fully understood wherever you go – a huge advantage when travelling!
Relationship with Renaissance – A medical holiday naturally incorporates both the medical procedure and leisure time. In order to be successful, these two aspects must work together. A strong relationship between Renaissance and Medical Tourism SA ensures a seamless integration of both sides, keeping your medical holiday free of complications.
Familiarity with South Africa – Planning a medical holiday from afar can be a difficult task. It is far better to work with a company on the inside that understands the country and has a pre-established network of contacts in the industry. Medical Tourism SA is just this kind of company, and is able to use this to your advantage.
Communication and support – Medical Tourism SA understands the importance of clear and effective communication and strives to provide this at all times – before, during, and after your visit to South Africa. Whilst in the country, support and assistance is available around the clock to ensure that all your needs are taken care of.
Flexibility – Whilst some companies offer only a few travel packages or are only able to assist with one aspect of your medical holiday, Medical Tourism SA prides itself in offering personalised services, allowing you to customise your travel plans and make use of as many services as you may require.
Medical holidays can be tricky to organise on your own, adding to the stress of undergoing a medical procedure and potentially even putting you off the experience altogether. By making use of a strong partnership like the one that exists between Nurture and Medical Tourism SA, you can avoid this outcome and ensure that all aspects of your visit are stress-free, cost-effective, and thoroughly enjoyable in every way – allowing you to focus on having a successful procedure and a relaxing holiday in South Africa.
To learn more about what Medical Tourism SA has to offer, you can visit the website. You can also send an email to or give them a call at (+27) 83 633 5558.