Finance Your Surgery

Finance Your Surgery

So you’ve decided you want plastic surgery to fix that one problem that’s a thorn in your side. You’ve been saving for months, but still you don’t have nearly enough money to make your plastic surgery dream come true.

Our staff can connect you with plastic surgery finance solutions- ideal to help you in your quest for a better you! In short, what they are offering is a medical loan. You will still pay for your surgery, but not upfront. This means that you can pay your surgery off over an allocated period of time, without stressing about spending thousands at once.

We have received a high interest in finance for plastic surgery, as well as quite a few questions. Below, Medifin answered a few of these questions – just to clear up a few things:

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All our surgical or non-surgical procedures can be financed and covered by the medical loans.
We specialise in financing and have a medical loan plan for almost all budgets and procedures. Loan amounts range from R8000 to R40 000.

We are just a click away! Apply now and we will accommodate you best we can.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Within 24 hours you will hear from one of our consultants. Once we contact you, we will request the applicable documentation and take the process further.

Remember, as soon as you apply for our financing option you are one-step closer to the ideal you!

We guarantee that all the information you supply us with will be kept private and confidential. This is quite a big step in your life and the last thing we want you to worry about is finance or your details doing the rounds.
As the credit grantor we will have to do a credit search on your record and look at your payment history to see how you dealt with your other credit.
We will need a copy of your Identification Document (ID), proof of residence for FICA purposes and we will need your proof of your salary in order to verify your income.
The accurate cost of each procedure depends on each individual. The exact price for the procedure you require will only be estimated once the surgeon has either studied your photograph or consulted with you in person.
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