18 October

Home care products: Necessity, luxury or marketing ploy?

October 18th, 2019|, , , , |

Home care products: Necessity, luxury or marketing ploy? Written By: Dr. Marisa Heyns MBChB (UCT), MSc Aesthetic Medicine and Therapeutics   This question, I am sure, you ask yourself each time you visit your skin clinic, or retail store when you are confronted with isles and isles of the skin care products. It is a [...]

14 September

Keeping PIGMENTATION on the LIGHT side of Life

September 14th, 2018|

Written By: Dr Marisa Heyns MBChB (UCT), MSc Aesthetic Medicine and Therapeutics It might not feel like it, but summer is almost around the corner, and although we might not always admit to it – deep down inside some of us want to be able to show off those healthy glowing sun kissed skins. The [...]

28 October

Keeping A-Breast

October 28th, 2016||

According to a new survey, requests for the breast lift surgery has sky-rocketed of late, even outpacing breast implants by two-to-one. DR Nerina Wilkinson discusses this procedure and its rising trend...

28 October

Scar Tissue

October 28th, 2016||

It's been well documented that out fatty tissue contains a rich supply of stem cells - and is widely used in the aesthetics field because of its anti-ageing effects. However, did you know that out fat derived stem cells may not only be the answer to curing many  diseases - but  for improving scars as [...]

28 October

Saving Face

October 28th, 2016||

From basic Botox to the classic facelift there are options for all in the ever expanding world of aesthetics. Dr Nerina Wilkinson outlines the most utilized and effective procedures available.

28 October

Bigger breasts without knife

October 28th, 2016||

Is it possible to achieve a bountiful bosom without surgery? Dr Nerina Wilkinson explores four options for non-surgical breast augmentation.

27 October

Beauty Through Light

October 27th, 2016||

Can we achieve younger looking skin merely by the power of light? Thanks to the wonders of medical science, this is entirely possible through Light Therapy, Plastic Surgeon Dr Nerina Wilkinson reports...