28 October

Saving Face

October 28th, 2016||

From basic Botox to the classic facelift there are options for all in the ever expanding world of aesthetics. Dr Nerina Wilkinson outlines the most utilized and effective procedures available.

27 October

Beauty Through Light

October 27th, 2016||

Can we achieve younger looking skin merely by the power of light? Thanks to the wonders of medical science, this is entirely possible through Light Therapy, Plastic Surgeon Dr Nerina Wilkinson reports...

4 October

While taking advantage of high-quality anti-ageing procedures at fraction of London prices…

October 4th, 2016||

There are three surgeons in practice; make sure you see Dr Nerina Wilkinson, Cape Town's queen of Botox and fillers. She specialises in precision Botox - it's a more concentrated mix, so it doesn't spread across the face...