Written by: Dr Serena Cardoso – BHSc, MBChB (WITS), DipPEC (SA)

I’m getting married! The three words every women wants to gloat about over dinner with friends and it’s something I certainly do! It’s such an exciting time in one’s life and can also be a little stressful, bridezilla anyone? There are vast amounts of planning, dieting and gyming to do. With all the cake tastings and dress fittings it’s important to squeeze in time for one’s skin. All too often I have women come in a week or so before the big day requesting a bit of botox and filler (risky to do so close to the day esp. if it’s not something you do regularly) but with all the stress they’ve broken out and their skin is in poor nick. Skin quality is also essential for fabulous photos!

So I’ve devised my own personal bridal bootcamp that I have been following to personally prepare my face and body. I don’t want to wear a lot of heavy make up on the day so gorgeous glowy skin is really important. These photos last forever and will probably be your Facebook profile pic for a few months so they’ve got to be good right?!


A good make up artist will always spend vasts amount of time on achieving beautiful, dewy skin. If you have a good canvas the rest falls into place.


I’ve  chosen relatively feasible treatments that can be done in one’s lunch hour for all the working girls out there saving madly for their big day! Most young women getting married aren’t too concerned with aging, it’s more about fitting into the dress, having glowy skin and maybe a bit of a bigger pout!

You want to start your skin prep 6 months prior to your wedding. If you have severe acne or skin conditions, pigmentation, scarring etc. then up to 1 year earlier. The reason being is that certain conditions like severe acne may require  a  months of roaccutane; acne scarring may require many needling treatments and/or laser. If you have surgical concerns, they may require a bit of downtime so will need to planned well in advance i.e. lipo sculpting, breast augmentation etc.


Below were my personal diarized treatments that I have followed:

1st appointment: The Bridal Consult, 6 months before.

This consult will be a combined consult with one of our skin therapists and myself. Here we’ll come up with a treatment plan, arrange all your appointments, discuss you personal home care regime and may do your first botox and filler trial.


2nd appointment: Dr Vampire for face and scalp + Botox Trial, 5-6 months before

The 1st + 2nd appointment are usually within the same month

Targets: skin + hair


3rd appointment: Pixel + The Bridal Body (my personalized nutrition & toning program), 4 months to go

Targets: skin  + body


4TH Appointment: Mesotherapy marathon, 3 months to go

Targets: Skin


5th appointment: Fillers + Bridal Botox, 2 months to go

Targets: skin; structure; fine lines; beautification: subtle lip plumping, high cheek bones, nose contouring & under eye bags for a well rested, natural look


6th and final appointment: The Red Carpet Facial, 2 weeks to go

Target: glow


Other treatments in the bridal bag: IPL for sun spots, Radiofrequency neck tightening and jaw line definition, needling, laser for acne scars/pigmentation, depigmenting treatments and threads for subtle lifting of the brow, neck, jaw and jowl.


Follow our Blog, I will be posting more information about all the above Bridal Doctor treatments and my personal journey.