Dr Nerina Wilkinson

About Me

I aspire to provide high-quality care to all of my patients, by paying careful attention to their individual needs. As one of South Africa’s few female plastic surgeons, it’s imperative for me to be empathetic and compassionate in each and every consultation.

My unique and understanding approach induces not only comfort but, more importantly, inspires patients to be confident in my treatment.

I always say that I strive for natural looking results, whilst enhancing a person’s appearance, that can ultimately transform their whole outlook on life. Being part of this metamorphosis is the most important and pleasurable part of my work.

Training & Speciality

I began my training at the University of Stellenbosch, and received my medical degree in 1991. I’ve always appreciated structure, delicate work and human interaction, which all aided me in the completion of my Plastic Surgical training in 1999.

My illustrious career then continued with several training programmes, achievements and milestones:

2000 I started in a private cosmetic surgery practice in Johannesburg at Mayo Clinic, and was appointed as a consultant at the Medical University of SA. Here, I trained registrars in female reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.
2001 I was accepted as an accredited member of The Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of SA.
2002 To further my cosmetic procedure training, I traveled to both London and worked at the Royal Marsden hospital, then to New York, to Sloane Kettering and Manhattan EE&T hospital to work under the guidance of leading surgeons.
2006 I relocated to my hometown, Cape Town, and joined the Renaissance BSI where I practice to this day.
2013 I was appointed as a local country mentor (LCM) at Allergan Medical Institute, training medical doctors in the art of aesthetic medicine.

I continue to lecture widely on plastic surgery and have authored numerous articles in the consumer media on the topic.

Professional Memberships

I’m a renowned and highly recognised surgeon, and have been honoured with memberships to several councils and associations, namely:

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with the Health Professionals Council SA
  • Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons SA (APRSSA full member)
  • International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS full member)
  • Fellow of the College of Surgeons SA
  • AAMSSA Aesthetic and Antiaging Medical Society of South Africa.

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Other Services

In addition to performing minimally, non-surgical procedures, such as fillers and surgical needling, I’ve developed a passion for certain cosmetic surgical procedures, such as:

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